Classical guitarist, composer and choral conductor Steven Peacock, based in Fredericton, NB, has performed as a soloist and accompanist in concert and recording engagements throughout Canada. His The Calico Road (Blue Milo, 2005), a varied collection of short works for solo guitar, is one of eleven CD releases. Keenly interested in ensemble work, he has worked extensively with flutists Sally Wright (The Green Bushes, 2010) and (in the United Kingdom) Jane Coulcher-Stoltenberg (Encuentro, 2000); sopranos Paula Hébert, Angela Birdsell, and Wendy Nielsen; violinists Hyung-Sun Paik (Toronto Symphony) and Nadia Francavilla (currently Musician in Residence at UNB); and guitarist Gerry Van Wart, with whom he has released Pavane (2017), Luminosa (2013), Milonga (2003) and El Elegante: Dances for Two Guitars (1997). Mr. Peacock has adjudicated at the provincial and national levels and currently teaches at St. Thomas University and at the University of New Brunswick.