2023 Marks our 30th Anniversary

The New Brunswick Summer Music Festival turns 30 this year! Join us for a range of events between July 31st and August 12th, 2023! Keep an eye on this website for updates.


In 1994 the New Brunswick Summer Music Festival (NBSMF) was founded by Richard Hornsby, Director of Music for the University of New Brunswick and pianist Robert Kortgaard, then Musician in Residence.  In its earliest days, the modest 3-day program of classical chamber music was run solely with temporary summer staff, a dedicated board of directors, and volunteer support. Since then, however, the NBSMF has grown into a two-week music festival, with educational components, mentoring opportunities for young artists, free public events, lectures and exhibits.  As the Festival grew in scope, so did its reputation – both among music lovers and musicians.  Over the years, it has received national media support and coverage and has become an important part of the cultural scene in Atlantic Canada, and in particular, the city of Fredericton.